About Us

About us

At The Barista Bike we aim to serve exceptionally good coffee, hot & cold drinks, cakes and snacks with a friendly smile.

The idea for The Barista Bike began in July 2014 after attending a home barista course run by Winchester Coffee Roasters.  The coffee was delicious and unlike anything I had tasted before.  At the end of the course I was making a variety of coffee drinks of a better quality than those sold by the national coffee chains.

The home barista course inspired me to find the best places to buy coffee and find out what made them so good.  I used to visit a small coffee shop but when the barista changed I stopped going because the coffee was not so nice.  I wanted to understand what made a good or bad barista.  I became passionate about coffee, going to independent and national chain coffee shops across the UK and Europe to discover the techniques of how to make the best cup of coffee.

At the beginning of 2015 there was an opportunity to become a mobile coffee barista.  I looked at vans which had an espresso machine and grinder in the rear but there appeared to be limited space in which to operate.  On first sight, I knew the cargo trike was the right option.  Well designed, small but with plenty of counter space, self-sufficient, able to operate at any location both indoors and outdoors and with a stunning visual appeal.

Why The Barista Bike?

The Barista Bike started trading in 2015 and instantly received positive comments about its unique appearance but more importantly, how good the coffee tasted.

We only use specialty coffee which has been handcrafted with care by a professional micro roaster who ensures the natural sweetness and complex flavours of the coffee beans are retained during roasting.  The coffee beans are supplied by Winchester Coffee Roasters, the best we can find.
Award winning teas are provided by Dorset Tea.  We have taken as much care finding a tea supplier as we have sourcing the best coffee beans.  The traditional, herbal and fruit teas are refreshing and delicious.

At The Barista Bike we aim to supply as many locally sourced products as possible and are always on the lookout for interesting and innovative drinks and snacks to provide our customers.

Hire The Barista Bike

The Barista Bike is self-sufficient, portable and at only 1m x 3m in size, will fit in the smallest of locations both indoors and outdoors.

The visual appearance of The Barista Bike instantly draws attention which can be enhanced with use of branding specific to your event.  Logos or brand names can be added to cups, flags, pull down blinds, uniforms, vinyl graphics, etc.

We are here to help, all enquiries welcome, please use the Contact Us button below to make the first step towards finding out how The Barista Bike can make a real difference to your party, celebration or business event.

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